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Hours &

Hours & location

Mon–Fri: 2pm-9pm
Sat–Sun: 9am-6pm

410 Pine Street SE
Suite 210
Vienna, VA 22180

Our Parent Organization

Maple Avenue Fine Arts Academy is a non-profit organization in Vienna, Virginia. It is home to Shaun’s String Studio and Little Creators Fine Arts. 

Shaun has taught our children for 5 years on bass, cello, and guitar. His consistent positive supportive demeanor has kept our children motivated — especially helpful during the covid and online education era.


Not only is Shaun a very talented musician and teacher, but he’s also been a very positive and motivating person in my life. He constantly encourages me to try my best and supports my goals in every way possible.


Shaun is a good listener; he always has a plan and extra energy to motivate you to play even when you don’t feel it that day. He finds ways to make you enjoy playing and you always end up leaving his class happy and inspired to play more.


Shaun has been our daughter’s bass teacher for five years. He has inspired her to achieve state and regional honors in both jazz and classical bass.


I like having lessons because Mr Shaun makes it super fun.


Shaun makes learning the double bass easier. He’s a lot of fun to work with he also inspired me to play the bass guitar.


Shaun has been a wonderful influence and teacher for our son with ADHD over the last five years, teaching him cello for his school's advanced orchestra and improv jazz on guitar.


Shaun is the best teacher I’ve ever had.


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